Symbol 05-0272
Symbol u dostawcy: BW-008078Q
Kod kreskowy 6959532310870
Kategorie: Dilda
Kolor: Czarny
Materiał: Latex
RozmiarDługość (mm): 160
RozmiarŚrednica (mm): 40
Zasilanie: BRAK
Jednostka podstawowa szt.
This Latex Inflatable Dildo will fill you with intense orgasmic pleasure all night long. The high quality, premium latex is made to withstand all your bedroom antics and is rip free, so you can satisfy yourself for as long as you desire with complete confidence. Insert your veined dildo and start squeezing on the hand pump until you reach your desired size. Fill yourself with latex and revel in the sensations of the material. But don’t worry, if it gets a bit too big to handle, you can press the quick release button on the pump to release some of the air and decrease the size of your dildo. The control is all yours (or your partners)! Go for something different this time and experience an orgasm like never before. Be sure to buff your premium latex with a latex shiner beforehand if you want that Hollywood shine.
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