Symbol 05-0271
Symbol u dostawcy: BW-008078DAQ
Kategorie: Dilda
Kolor: Czarny
Materiał: Latex
RozmiarDługość (mm): 160
RozmiarŚrednica (mm): 40
Wibracja: TAK
Zasilanie: 3 Baterie AA
Jednostka podstawowa szt.
Inflate more than your ego with this sensational advanced dildo. Made from expandable latex and designed specifically for expert players who are ready for a new challenge, this huge sex toy fills you up for stretched pleasure unlike anything else. Already sizeable to begin with, insert its 6 inches length. When you're ready, squeeze the hand pump to gradually increase the dimensions of the didlo. Once pumped up to the max, this sex toy measures 8 inches insertable length with an eye-watering girth of 15 inches at the widest point. To ensure insertion is easy, this inflatable sex toy features a solid core and is ideal for girth lovers who want to take things to the next level. The base is fitted with a ball pump for easy inflation and has a release valve for quick deflation when required.
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