How should you start cooperation?
All you need to do is register on the platform to gain access to our website with files for integration (we also have the option of integration via API). We provide our descriptions and photos for the auction.

Do I have to sign a contract with you?
No, all you need to do is register on our website:

Do you provide a link to the integration of stocks?
This is how we provide all files, photos and descriptions. Everything after registration on our website


How often are stocks updated?

The stocks are updated on a regular basis with every customer order.

Can you include my advertising materials with the parcels?
No, we do not include any advertising material.


Whatis the minimum order amount?
We do not have a logistic minimum. We ship every order, even one product. Free shipping is available for orders over 1000€.

Do yousupportcash on delivery?
No, we don’t suport C.O.D.

Do youshipgoodsabroad? Ifso, whatis the shipping cost?
Yes, we do. The cost depends on the country to which the shipment would be delivered.

Whatis the expected time of shipping the goods from the moment of placing the order?
All order's placed and paid before 1 p.m. are shipped on the same day, and all order's placed and paid after 1 p.m. the next day. In the case of a DPD courier, we will ship orders the same day if they are placed and paid before 2 p.m.


When making a complaint, do you bear the cost of shipping, which is borne by the customer when sending the package to you, and will you also send it back at your expense?
If the customer sends us the advertised goods, he himself bears the shipping cost, and we send the new goods back at our expense.

What are the terms of returns and complaints?
We accept returns only if the product is intact and unpacked, within 14 days of receiving the product. It is our individual initiative towards customers, because we do not know another wholesaler that would also consider the possibility of returning the goods in this way.
We submit complaints via our website. Complaints are processed within 48 hours after receiving the advertised product. The complaint time is 6 months.


Will I be able to count on a trade credit (deferred payment for goods)?
If the cooperation is successful and the invoices are paid on time, it is possible.

Do you support quick payments?
We currently only support traditional transfers.

Are there any discount thresholds, if so, does it depend on the number of sales?
Each new customer gets discounts assigned to a given manufacturer. Whether and when the discount will be increased is an individual matter, depending on the number of orders placed and monthly turn over.


Is it possible to pay an overpayment in your store (e.g. a financialwallet) so as not to pay a single purchase each time, only to speed up the order fulfillment, the fee would be charged from the funds that will already be booked on your platform?
We do not have this option, because we issue collective invoices at the end of eachday, i.e. if we receive 5 orders in one day, you do not have to payseparately for each order, only for the invoicethat we willissue for these 5 orders. When the order arrives, we do not wait for the confirmation of the transfer, but the order is packed and shipped.

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